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NH Knights

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Sunshine Committee


To raise membership morale through the remembrance of brother Knights' birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant occasions.


Knights refer to each other as “brothers,” which is a term that unites us closer than mere “comrades” or “allies.” Christ referred to his disciples as his brothers, and the earliest Christians regularly referred to each other as brethren. “Brothers” suggests a unity that borders on family, and it would be a poor family indeed that did not recognize and celebrate our most important life events: birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, marriages, and hospital visits. Many councils make sure these significant moments are remembered by putting them into the hands of a “Sunshine Committee,” although such an arrangement can have many other names. Traditionally, it comprises of a single member – or couple of members – who assume the responsibility of sending out birthday cards, anniversary cards, even fruit baskets to hospital patients. Who among us would not want to know when a member of our family is sick or in distress? Indeed, it is a fixed quality of our monthly meetings to make sure we pray for precisely those people. Aside from the warmth and hope such messages bring, there is actually a practical purpose for the Sunshine Committee. These programs can be used as a kind of monthly maintenance check of the council's communication network. How many times have your council brothers complained about not knowing that so-and-so was in the hospital, or that the so-and-sos just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary? A Sunshine Committee would make it their responsibility to keep the council informed of these important events, and to send out the appropriate remembrance.


The Supreme Council can inform you of the birthdays of those on your council's roster. Beyond that, you will probably have to rely on other means to get more information. Once you do have that data, it becomes necessary for the chairman to be someone who will stay on top of the members' latest news. Too often, Sunshine Committee chairman are late in sending greetings or gifts because they just had no idea of the occasion. INTRA-council communication (the delivery of information within a council) can seriously affect this program's ability to be effective. Still, that's a direct indication of a council's need to improve in that area – not that the greetings must stop. The Supreme Council also has appropriate K of C greeting cards which can be ordered by the Financial Secretary. Naturally, a budget for this program must be initiated, and maintained.


Make sure the contact information for your chairman is well-publicized, to assist members and their families in reaching him when you have news. Calling your chairman should be at least as important as calling the newsletter editor or the Grand Knight.